SHOCKING!!! : Plane Blows People Off Beach During Takeoff At St Marteen Airport

Did you know there is a section of beach on the paradise of the island of St Marteen that is dangerous to tourists because of planes taking off at St Marteen airport?

The most famous of the St Marteen beaches are located in the Netherlands Antilles and divided into French and Dutch territories. It has stunning turquoise sea, warm water and is hot and sunny all year round. But none of these items are the main attraction of Maho Beach.

Located about 20 minutes from the port, on the Dutch side of the island, only a narrow avenue separates it from the St Marteen airport and it is the daily flights that attract tourists to this section of the beach.

You are probably wondering why an airport is a major attraction. Well, the runway has just over 2 miles of tarmac and so landing the planes at St Marteen airport is extremely tricky. Pilots have to pass about 15 feet off the ground on approach to the paradise island which means they come in over the beach really low.

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