9 Signs He Loves Your Best Friend But Not You

Crushes are both the best and the worst thing in the world. They’re the best because you feel happier, you have things to look forward to and you constantly have that feeling in your tummy, like butterflies the size of elephants are flying around in your belly. But it’s also the worst because at first, we can never be sure if the feeling is mutual or maybe it’s one-sided. Is he also in you, or maybe he’s into your best friend? It’s hard to tell at the beginning because you usually hang out in group settings at first.

1. He Lights Up At The Mention Of Her Name

When people are attracted to someone it shows in their face. They almost start glowing, they can’t help but smile and their pupils dilate when they see the person they have a crush on or even at a mention of their name. So next time you have your friend around or you mention her in conversation with him – keep an eye out for that.

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