Swae Lee – Someone Said

Swae Lee – Someone Said

Swae Lee has finally dropped his long-awaited new single “Someone Said,” which flips his iconic “Sicko Mode” ad-lib over a spooky beat.

Swae Lee’s fans have likely already heard “Someone Said” in some capacity, as the Rae Sremmurd vocalist has been actively previewing the moody banger on his Instagram Live. And given that it’s quite possibly the most original piece of music we’ve seen from Swae in a minute, it’s not entirely surprising. Building off the foundation that “Sicko Mode” built, Swae’s latest single moves away from the intricate arrangement of Travis Scott’s elaborate concoction and opts for a simple bass-driven arrangement — all packaged beautifully by the guiding hand of Mike WiLL Made-It.


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There’s a general if unspoken rule that any song with heavy bass elements is inherently fire; Drake‘s “Nonstop,” Kendrick’s “King Kunta,” and Lil Wayne‘s “Big Bad Wolf” come to mind. “Someone Said” is no exception, with its spooky groove the perfect counterpart to Swae’s ghostly falsetto. Where falsetto can sometimes feel clean, borderline angelic, Swae’s is raw and almost deliberately unrefined; it only serves to enhance his cavalier swagger and wandering sense of detachment.

For those looking for a harder sound from Swae, “Someone Said” should serve as the remedy you seek. A bit too dark to truly gaurantee itself a spot on summer playlists, expect this one to quietly reveal its staying power over time. If this is Swae Lee’s new direction, we’re all in for it. Check out the new single now, available in select international markets — full release hits at the stroke of midnight.


I cut you off like a scissor, quicker
Breaststroke, baby, I’m a good swimmer
Playin with the gang, you know member
I’m picky but my girl pickier
Press the button, bars go up, you may enter
Smoking on that loud, yeah, stickier

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